How a Zoom Meeting Exposed America’s Much Deeper Wound.

Waiting Room Graphic

Naked bodies, penetrating thrusts, and guttural moans startled us all. We went from talking about the bible to watching porn in seconds. We were blindsided and horrified.

The event host scrambled to stop the pirates. The shocking incident lasted mere seconds but felt like minutes.

After a reboot of the video feed, everything calmed down, and the quick response solved the problem. We refocused our attention on the speaker with renewed enthusiasm and with a readiness to learn.

The invisible enemy did not stop us.

I want to be part of Writers’ Blokke!

The article is named Birthing Words


The lesson learned through my son’s writing experience.

No matter what the words on the page say, they are yours.

You do not need the permission of the world to write them. And that consent is not coming.

But, it would help if you had the willpower to break out of the ordinary, everyday routine of not writing. Because what you are currently writing is better than what you are thinking about writing.

Keep writing no matter what comes out. Stop worrying about the sentence structure or paragraph length while you type, and keep writing. …

How a son sees his father longing for his absent father’s presence

The toddler on the counter is my father. The man next to him is my grandfather. This faded picture is the only one I have of them together. For reasons, I will never know or understand, my grandfather left his family, and his absence affected my father in deep-felt ways.

As the story goes: “Go buy some chicken,” my grandfather said, “and I’ll see you in five days.” He then handed my father some money and drove off in his Cadillac. That was sometime in the 1960s. It was the last time they spoke. To hear my father tell this…

The mask covers my thoughts. — Mike Henry

What happens when we tell our truth?

I didn’t realize a simple LinkedIn connection request would reveal a scar in me not healed. A sort of identity crisis. If I’m honest, I have never been 100% authentic in the spaces I have occupied. I feel like I need to “adjust” what I believe and think to be accepted. Most black people, I know, have to wear different masks to survive. As a dad, son, husband, and friend, I feel like myself, but work and church are different stories. My job as an associate pastor of a majority white church requires me to wear my “I’m happy to…

Michael Henry

Writer + Creative + Family Guy. At the moment, I’m in the moment. — Mike Henry

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